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Pokemon Go has reached critical mass with features and systems; it's time for a major, sequel-sized update.

pokemon go 2

Last weekend’s Johto Tour sự kiện in Pokemon Go was kind of a nightmare for bủ. Keeping track of research tasks across three different pages, managing incubators, keep on top of buff timers, chasing down worthwhile raids, searching for Gym leaders, sending and receiving gifts, managing item bag and Pokemon storage space, feeding my buddy, trying to tát sync up my tasks with my partners - it was all too much to tát handle. I spent more time standing still, just trying to tát get a handle on all of the information that was being thrown at bủ, kêu ca I did actually walking around catching Pokemon. I loved the variety and excitement that the sự kiện offered, but it highlighted just how bloated and unwieldy Pokemon Go has become. The game needs a major overhaul to tát its user experience on the level of a full sequel. Pokemon Go 2.0, if you will.

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The UI has reached critical mass. Scrolling through lists of Special Research Assignments, Field Research, and sự kiện tasks spread across three different pages - each with multiple quest steps - is overwhelming and difficult to tát keep track of, especially during a limited-time sự kiện. When time is a factor, I want to tát make sure I’m maximizing by doing multiple tasks at once, but remembering to tát take pictures of five wild Ground-type, power up three Pokemon, and defeat Team Rocket three times. There’s just way too many tasks to tát keep track of, especially during events, and no good way to tát vì thế it. We need a way to tát pin tasks to tát the screen ví we don’t have to tát constantly swipe through menus to tát remind ourselves what to tát vì thế next.

Another thing that constantly slows bủ down is micromanaging my storage. While Pokemon sorting has improved somewhat, it’s still incredibly difficult and time-consuming to tát organize and prioritize Pokemon and items. It doesn’t matter if you have 50 slots or 500, you’re going to tát fill up your bags no matter what, and these systems still need a lot of attention. The Appraisal function is just a pointless time sink that dramatically slows down our ability to tát catch and transfer Pokemon. We need to tát be able to tát see the stats immediately ví we can decide which Pokemon to tát keep and which ones to tát transfer as soon as we catch them. I’d also lượt thích a picture-in-picture of my highest-stat Pokemon of the same species ví I can instantly compare them. At the very least, we should be able to tát see the stats of our favorited Pokemon whenever we catch a new one.

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Then there’s the management issue. Suppose you want to tát just catch 50 Pokemon and release them all at once later. The mass release tool and filtering options help that process, but it still becomes a massively time consuming task if you care at all about persevering your high-stat Pokemon. Filtering by duplicate Pokemon would help, as would filtering by high-stat rather kêu ca just CP. We need a lot more customization and control over our Pokemon storage now that we have hundreds and hundreds to tát manage. Items are even worse, and I’d love to tát see an auto-delete that tosses out items I’m never going to tát use, lượt thích basic Poke Balls and potions.

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There’s a lot of quality-of-life changes that Pokemon Go needs if it's going to tát continue expanding, but there are also some necessary changes that updates may never be able to tát fix. The battle and raid mechanics are as shallow and frustrating as they’ve ever been. Nearby Pokemon tracking is still horribly inconsistent and imprecise when it ought to tát be a core feature of the tiện ích. While playing the sự kiện with my partner, we invariably will have completely different Pokemon on our screens and completely different trainers in our Pokestops. We didn’t get to tát share in the excitement of tracking down a rare spawn and catching it together, which used to tát be the best part of Pokemon Go.

There will never be a Pokemon Go 2 because that’s just not how live service mobile games work, but the game needs a major overhaul to tát its user experience. I want it to tát keep growing and I enjoy how much variety there is and how many challenges there are to tát pursue all the time, but the tiện ích is being crushed under the weight of all its features.

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