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Recently, WannaCry is spreading widely on the Internet. As I know it is very powerful and dangerous. Could Bkav explain about this kind of virus and how to tướng prevent it?

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WannaCry virus (also known as Wanna Crypt, Wanna Cryt0r) is a ransomware family that encrypts data files on your computer, making it impossible for users to tướng open files without paying ransoms to tướng hackers. WannaCry attacks your computers via files attached in emails or malicious links, lượt thích other ransomware families.

What differentiate WannaCry from other ransomwares is the ability to tướng spread itself.  Specifically, WannaCry scans all computers in the same network to tướng tìm kiếm for devices containing EternalBlue vulnerability of SMB service (on Windows operating system). Since then, WannaCry can spread to tướng vulnerable machines without user manipulation on attachments or links. Therefore, once a computer is infected, all machines in the network will be at risk.

To address and prevent WannaCry virus, follow the steps below:

Address and prevent WannaCry by Bkav Pro

To address and prevent WannaCry, you should register, install and use copyrighted Bkav Pro (antivirus software). Your device will be automatically protected thanks to tướng Anti Ransomware feature only available in Bkav Pro.

Bkav Pro automatically addresses WannaCry with Real-time Protection

Anti Ransomware technology on Bkav Pro is capable of combating many kinds of ransomware without identification sample. This technology monitors all changes on data files of users, promptly preventing abnormal behavior such as renaming and encrypting data. Anti Ransomware technology will prevent all attacks from wide spreading malware lượt thích WannyCry.

In addition, to tướng avoid the risk of malware attacks, Bkav recommends:

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+ Back up your data regularly

+ Regularly update new versions of Windows operating system (How to tướng patch Windows vulnerability to tướng prevent WannaCry)

+ Only open text files received from Internet in Safe Run isolation environment ( Bkav Safe Run User guide)

Address WannyCry with Bkav CheckWanCry tool

If you have not equipped Bkav Pro, Bkav supplies for không lấy phí Bkav CheckWanCry. Beside the capability to tướng address WannaCry virus, the tool scans and warns if the computer contains EternalBlue - the vulnerability exploited by the malware to tướng invade computers. Then, the tool will automatically update patch for users’ operating system via a few simple steps. This tool does not need to tướng be installed and can be launched immediately to tướng scan and remove WannaCry.

To address WannaCry on your computer by Bkav CheckWanCry tool, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download Bkav CheckWanCry from the link: Bkav.com.vn/Tool/CheckWanCry.exe

Step 2: Run tệp tin CheckWanCry.exe and then select the folders to tướng scan.

Step 3: Select Scan

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In addition, to tướng protect data automatically, licensed Bkav Pro is the best choice.

Good luck !