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What is a Facebook wall?

A Facebook wall refers to lớn the space on a Facebook user's profile where other users can post messages, pictures, videos and other digital nội dung for their friends or the public to lớn see.

What is a Facebook wall used for?

Through the wall, people can share updates about what's going on in their lives with others, comment on posts from other users, lượt thích comments or posts from other users and even tag friends in photos.

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For businesses, a Facebook wall offers great opportunities to lớn engage with their customers and followers to lớn share updates, ask questions, post pictures or videos and create polls to lớn get feedback from their followers. They can use the wall to lớn promote events and products, announce special giao dịch or discounts and feature customer stories.

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Facebook walls enable users -- businesses and consumers -- to lớn post status updates, engage with others and share different kinds of digital nội dung.

Who can see my Facebook wall?

A wall is a collection of all of a Facebook user's posts, as well as the posts from other people that you are connected with on Facebook. As a Facebook user, they have control over how their posts will appear on their Facebook wall. They can choose from the following three different viewing settings for their wall: 

  • User + others
  • Just the user
  • Just others

These settings allow users to lớn hide certain posts from showing up on their wall based on their personal preferences.

User + others viewing setting

This setting allows users to lớn see all posts from other users that are directed toward them or about them and all of their posts. It is essentially a mixture of both sets of information -- theirs and others -- on one page. Examples of types of posts visible in this setting include comments on their photos, likes on truyền thông media that they shared, friend requests, shares of nội dung that they posted, etc.

Just the user viewing setting

This setting only displays the nội dung that was posted by a user. It filters out any nội dung that was posted by other people who are connected to lớn them on Facebook. Examples of types of posts visible in this setting include status updates that were written by themselves, photos or videos uploaded by them, tags related to lớn events created by them, etc.

Just others viewing setting

This setting only displays nội dung from other users who are connected with a user on Facebook. It does not display any nội dung posted by them. Examples of types of posts visible in this setting include comments from friends or followers about photos or videos shared by them, likes from friends or followers about truyền thông media shared by them, tags related to lớn events created by them, etc.

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Many businesses use status updates on their Facebook wall to lớn market themselves and stay connected with and inform customers.

Other Facebook wall filters

Besides controlling what posts appear on a page, there are several filters available on the Facebook wall that enable the user to lớn customize how information is organized on the page and who sees it.


The first filter allows users to lớn choose what type of posts they would lượt thích to lớn appear on the wall. Users can sort posts by Most Recent or Top Posts, which will show the most popular posts from friends and followers at the top of the page. The user can also select specific types of posts, such as photos or videos, that they would lượt thích to lớn see on their wall.


The second filter is privacy settings, where users can control who sees their posts and nội dung on their wall. Depending on your privacy settings, you may restrict access to lớn only those people who are connected with you directly (Friends) or make it available for public viewing (Public).


Finally, the third filter is the tìm kiếm bar. This allows users to lớn tìm kiếm for posts and nội dung based on keywords or phrases, as well as specific people or organizations that are connected with the them. This can be very useful in helping find particular posts and nội dung quickly.

Through the various settings and filters available, it is easy to lớn customize exactly what posts will appear on a Facebook wall and who will have access to lớn view them.

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