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OPPO Pad 2

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Expand Your Vision

A New
Flagship Display

Larger Area,
Wider View1.

Featuring a 7:5 screen, OPPO Pad 2 offers a larger display area than vãn a traditional ratio tablet under the same diagonal size, and a book-like experience with a better nội dung layout.

Conventional Android tablet

OPPO Pad 2

Ideal for reading.

The aspect ratio is similar to lớn that used for books whether in landscape, portrait, or split-screen mode. Just open a book or tệp tin and read it.

144Hz, Super Smooth.

Enjoy a streamlined viewing experience with the silky-smooth 144Hz refresh rate3.

Easy on
Your Eyes.

Certified by TÜV Rheinland4 to lớn meet its Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution) standard, filtered out xanh rớt light with wavelengths ranging from 415nm to lớn 455nm, so sánh you can use it for a long time with peace of mind.

Elegant, Portable
and Comfortable

Unique Star
Trail Design.

A unique star trail engraving process makes each OPPO Pad 2 one of a kind. The back panel is exquisuitely polished, comfortable to lớn the touch, and resistant to lớn fingerprints.

Lightweight and
Easy to lớn Carry.

Comfortable and easy to lớn hold thanks to lớn the 6.54mm ultra-thin and lightweight unibody with rounded corners.

All Quality,
No Worries

Dimensity 9000,
Cooler and Smoother.

Equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 9000, which uses the most advanced 4nm production process and the latest Armv9 architecture and includes an Ultra-Core at 3.05GHz, OPPO Pad 2 lets apps run rẩy smoothly, whether in full-screen or split-screen mode.

See, Hear, Spectacluar.

The fusion of Dolby Vision imaging and Dolby Atmos sound transforms your OPPO Pad 2 into an entertainment powerhouse. Large-cavity stereo speakers provide a total entertainment experience.

Large Battery,
All-Day Energy.

The 9510mAh battery5 allows continuous Clip playback for up to lớn 12.4 hours.
With 67W SUPERVOOCTM6, just 10 minutes of charging will get you 3 hours7 of use for work.

ColorOS for Pad
Easier Connection,
Higher Efficiency

Enjoy 5G Communication Capability8.

Place your OPPO Pad 2 close to lớn your phone, and devices will connect automatically. With instant access the full communication features of the phone, OPPO Pad 2 can use the cellular data to lớn make and receive calls, and kiểm tra SMS messages.

Note: Communication sharing relies on the connection between phones and tablets and is only supported by specific devices running ColorOS 13.1 or a later version. Sign in with the same OPPO tài khoản, turn on the WLAN and Bluetooth® for both devices.

Mobile Data Sharing

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The tablet can share and use your phone's 5G cellular network, which is smoother and more energy-efficient compared to lớn hotspot sharing.

Calling Sharing

Make and receive phone calls without picking up your phone.

Messaging Sharing

Send, receive, and read SMS messages directly on your tablet.


Auto Connect when Near9.

Your phone and tablet will connect automatically when nearby (when signed in to lớn the same OPPO account). 

Note: To use these features, update your phone to lớn ColorOS 13.1 or a later version.

Special Gestures.
All for Efficiency.


Two-finger split-screen.
Easy multitasking.

Swipe down with two fingers to lớn open two apps simultaneously in a split-screen. Browse seamlessly and efficiently.



Three-finger swipe down.
Fast screenshot and sharing.

Swipe down with three fingers in full-screen or split-screen mode to lớn take a screenshot.



Flexible windows.
Flexible operations.

Pinch inwards with four fingers in a full-screen tiện ích to lớn display it in a floating window. You can adjust the window's position as you wish.


Perfect Accessories
for Creation

Brand-New Smart
Touchpad Keyboard.

The brand-new magnetic OPPO Pad 2 Smart Touchpad Keyboard is ready to lớn use without manual pairing or an additional power supply.

Learn more

ColorOS Gestures.
Efficient and Convenient.

You can use the click-anywhere touchpad to lớn switch between apps, return to lớn previous pages, open floating windows, and more, through simple gestures.

Tap with three fingers to lớn go back to lớn the previous page

Swipe with three fingers to lớn switch between apps

Pinch inwards with four fingers to lớn open a floating window

OPPO Pencil.
A Real Writing Experience.

Thanks to lớn an optimized self-developed stylus engine, OPPO Pencil now achieves a latency as low as 2ms. With 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, it accurately senses the pressure and delivers a realistic drawing experience. A curve fitting and optimization algorithm makes the lines even smoother10.

OPPO Pad 2
Smart Case.

Auto sleep & wake | Magnetic tư vấn |
Lightweight and scratch resistant

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