Free-to-play instantly in Facebook and Messenger apps on iOS, Android, and computer browsers. Just select the games button on Messenger, or hit the Play Now button to lớn start playing EverWing instantly!

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Select your Guardian and Sidekicks and then head into battle! Each possesses unique powers that combine to lớn help them to lớn fight through an endless horde of monsters!

Challenge powerful Bosses and Monsters to lớn defend the realm of EverWing! Team up with your friends in quái dị Raids to lớn destroy the most powerful Bosses for even greater rewards!


Guardian of Courage

She never backs down from a challenge and is always first to lớn the front lines of battle.


Guardian of Dragons

She was born in the wilds and raised by dragons. When dragons fly with her, they earn 2x XP!


Guardian of Adventure

Renowned explorer, inventor, and scientist, she is 2x faster completing Quests


Guardian of Fortune

A master Alchemist and Mage of the Third Order, she earns 2x Coins. Cha-ching!


Guardian of Nature

Caretaker of the forest, a true sister to lớn Nature. Her enchanted super magnet attracts items!


Guardian of Twilight

A mysterious loner, with a dark and haunting past, some say she acts as if she has 2 lives...


Guardian of Shadows

As assassin who fears nothing! Attacks charge up her skill, which makes her invulnerable and khuyến mãi double damage.


Guardian of Magic

This sly illusionist has a few tricks up her sleeve. She can clone sidekicks after charging up.

How bởi I play EverWing?

You can play EverWing instantly by tapping on the Games icon on Facebook’s Messenger tiện ích from within a chat. The icon looks lượt thích a game controller and is located near the field where you type your messages. A list of games will be revealed, and simply select EverWing to lớn start playing!

EverWing is available on the Facebook and Messenger apps for iOS (v8 or higher) and Android (v5 or higher), and through Messenger.com on computer browsers.

Inviting Friends: You can invite friends to lớn play EverWing with you by creating a chat group in Facebook Messenger. Once you have the chat group created, just start a game of EverWing by tapping on the Games icon and select EverWing!

You can also access EverWing via the button below:

How can I earn Coins and Trophies?

You can naturally earn a lot of Coins and Trophies by simply playing the game, but you can also earn additional coins by unlocking Guardians and sending them on Quests.

Additionally, Guardian Lily also earns double coins in the normal mode of the game and on quests.

Finally, if you wish, you can also sell your Sidekicks for Coins and Trophies (although Sidekicks only sell for Trophies at levels 10, đôi mươi, and 30).

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What are Quests?

Quests allows you to lớn send your Guardians and Sidekicks to lớn automatically earn coins and experience. Select the Quest and deploy your Guardian and Sidekicks, then come back later to lớn redeem your rewards!

Using higher level Guardians and Sidekicks will increase your chances of better rewards.

Do Sidekick effects stack?

Sidekick dragon effects bởi stack. However, the second stacked effect is limited to lớn 50% effectiveness. Even though two of the same or different Sidekicks may have the same ability, the second same ability is still limited to lớn 50% effectiveness. For example, both Glowbean and Moss have the same effect, this means the second effect is still limited to lớn 50% effectiveness.

How does the Legendary Bonus work?

The Legendary Bonus lasts for 1 hour when notified. When someone receives a Legendary Sidekick, the game shares a bonus to lớn the chat group. Tap on the message to lớn bring you into the game to lớn increase your bonus.

The Legendary Bonus increases your chances of getting a Legendary Sidekick from an egg. If you normally have a 12% chance, a 50% Legend Bonus would put you at a 18% total chance for a Legendary Sidekick.

How bởi quái dị Raids work?

In quái dị Raids, everyone in your Messenger chat group is fighting against one really tough quái dị. The chat group will have a limited amount of time to lớn bởi as much damage as you can to lớn the Boss! When the quái dị is defeated, everyone in the chat group that participated receives rewards. The quái dị must be completely defeated for everyone to lớn receive their rewards.

Each Messenger chat group contains a separate quái dị Raid, so sánh you will be fighting different bosses in different chat groups. Rewards received must also be claimed in the same chat group.

The quái dị Raids reset back to lớn level 1 every week on Monday, 11 AM Pacific Time (as indicated by the countdown timer).

What are Gems and how bởi I buy them?

Gems allow you to lớn purchase certain premium nội dung in EverWing.

Currently, Facebook supports Gems purchases on Android 6.0+. This feature will be coming to lớn iOS soon.

Where can I read about latest updates on EverWing?

We are constantly working on new updates for EverWing and we can’t wait for you to lớn see them! This includes new features, characters, dragons, bosses, events, customizations and more!

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest news on EverWing!

Also, make sure to lớn visit the EverWing Wiki and EverWing Subreddit!

Is EverWing available as a downloadable app?

EverWing is only available on Messenger and Facebook. We believe that the future of mobile games exists outside of the tiện ích stores, and that games should be available instantly on any platform, whether it be an iPhone, Android, tablet, or desktop computer. We want users to lớn be able to lớn enjoy EverWing everywhere!

How can I report an issue with the game?

Please make sure to lớn kiểm tra if your question has been answered in the above FAQ section. Below are some of the known issues that we are aware of and we are working on resolving these issues. There is no need to lớn liên hệ us regarding these issues at this time.

Known Issues Affecting Certain Users:

  • Video Ads: Video ads are introduced to lớn certain users during this testing phase. The đoạn Clip ads functionality will be released to lớn all players once the testing phase has been completed.
  • Game Does Not Load: trò chơi only loads up to lớn a certain percentage (0% – 99%) for certain users.
  • Game Not Available: trò chơi displays a “Game Not Available” error message for certain users.

Other Issues:

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  • Game Crashes: Please make sure your Facebook Messenger is updated to lớn the latest version as that may resolve some issues. We are constantly working on improving the performance of the game on all phones, so sánh you may experience improvements as we continue development of the game and as Facebook Messenger releases updates to lớn their tiện ích. So please make sure to lớn update your Facebook Messenger whenever a new version is available.
  • Update OS Issue: EverWing is available on the operating system iOS (v8 or higher) and Android (v5 or higher), and through Messenger.com on computer browsers. This means that previous operating system versions such as Android 4.4 KitKat does not tư vấn EverWing on Instant Games.
  • Resolution Setting Issue: You can resolve this issue by reinstalling Facebook Messenger. We are currently working on a solution to lớn this issue as well.
  • Messenger Notifications: When you play EverWing in a Facebook Messenger chat group, you may send some EverWing notifications to lớn your friends as you progress through the game. If you would lượt thích to lớn limit these notifications to lớn a certain chat group of friends, you can create a separate Messenger chat group to lớn play EverWing.
  • Selecting a Friend Issue: For certain users, the game may crash or not respond when trying to lớn select a friend to lớn play with. We are currently working on a solution to lớn this issue.

Other Inquiries:
If your issue is not listed as a known issue and is not resolved by the FAQ, please visit the EverWing Support portal to lớn submit a ticket and liên hệ support: https://gameclosure.zendesk.com/


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